How to Cut Laminate Flooring Without a Saw

A person showing how to cut laminate flooring without a saw

When it concerns flooring, householders have a range of alternatives to select from. Laminate flooring, often known as floating wood tile in the United States, is one of them. The multi-layered synthetic flooring product is designed to look like wood or stone. Hardwood flooring is popular among those who want to attempt a floating floor … Read more

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What Kind of Rag to Use for Staining?

An image of a person showing what kind of rag use for staining

For perfect staining, many people asked the same question: what is the best tool for staining? And the woodworker will answer that a rag is the best tool for staining, whether you are using an oil or water stain. What Kind of Rag to Use for Staining? Why is a rag the best tool? The … Read more

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How to Cut a 45 Degree Angle With a Circular Saw

A man showing how to cut 45 degree angle with a circular saw

A circular saw is a very popular tool used for cutting wood and also other materials. You may need to cut wood at different angles to build durable structures or aesthetically pleasing ones. In this article, you will see how to cut a 45-degree angle with a circular saw. How to Make a 45 Degree … Read more

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How to Cut Angles With a Circular Saw

A person cut an angle using circular saw

There are many reasons you may want to make an angled aka beveled cut when woodworking, but sometimes it’s easier said than done. This guide will take you through the steps to cut angles with your circular saw, and once you get the hang of it you’ll be making angled cuts with ease. What Is … Read more

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What Size Drill Bit for a #8 Screw

An image of drill bit set

Finding out the right drill bit size for drilling a precise hole is no easy task. For different applications, you may need different drill bit sizes. Since this is not an activity performed regularly, you may find it challenging to figure out what size drill bit for #8 screws. Thus, through this article, we are … Read more

What Size Drill Bit for a 1/4″ Tap

Three different types of drill bit

What size drill bit for ¼” tap is the right choice? A #7 drill bit works for most projects, but this can vary based on other factors. For example, various ¼” taps have different requirements depending on their thread count. How to Figure Out What Size Drill Bit for ¼” Tap There are two things … Read more

What Size Drill Bit for a 3/8″ Tap

The image of what size drill bit for a 3/8 tap

Finding information about which drill bit you need can be a challenge. But if you need to know what size drill bit you need for a ⅜” NPT tap, then you’re in the right place. We’ll answer this question shortly. In this guide, we’ll also talk about the other factors that you need to consider … Read more

How Does an Air Compressor Pressure Switch Work?

Different sizes of black air compressor

The air compressor switch is a mechanical pressure-actuated electrical switch that depends on pressure to govern the parameters of an air compressor. To better understand how your air compressor works, it is necessary to understand the functionality of the compressor switch. So, how does an air compressor switch work? How Does an Air Compressor Pressure … Read more

Gas vs Electric Air Compressor

Electric air compressor on works

Say you need an air compressor; the logical step would be to research available air compressors. However, you may encounter a massive amount of information with most articles using buzzwords such as gas and electric compressors. In this article, we seek to inform you of the characteristics of gas vs electric air compressor. We hope … Read more

Best Air Compressor for Spray Painting

Best air compressor for spray painting

If you want to spray paint your car, large fence, pavement, or even your wall, you will need an air compressor that will make your work easier and more fun. Without an air compressor, you will not spray paint accurately, and to achieve accurate painting, you need the best air compressor for spray painting. Our … Read more

Air Compressor Oil vs Motor Oil

A man pouring motor oil

Air compressors and motor oils are quite different from each other, and the production process of each is unique. When you have air compressor oil vs motor oil which option would be best for your air compressor? Can you use them interchangeably? Air Compressor Oil vs Motor Oil General Overview A thorough understanding of these … Read more