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Mechanical grade air compressor showing wear and tear while being used in a factory

Best Air Compressor for Spray Painting

If you want to spray paint your car, large fence, pavement, or even your wall, you will need an air compressor that will make your work easier and more fun.

A green air compressor with an orange hose was placed on a gray floor

How to Clean Rust Out of an Air Compressor Tank

Rust is one thing you don’t want in your air compressor. If you haven’t used your air compressor for a long time, it is already rusted.

A person showing how to cut laminate flooring without a saw

How to Cut Laminate Flooring Without a Saw

When it concerns flooring, householders have a range of alternatives to select from. Laminate flooring, often known as floating wood tile in the United States, is one of them.

Orange air compressor being used for garage projects

How to Blow Out Water Lines With an Air Compressor

In preparation for winter, some people consider blowing out their water systems using their air compressors. If you don’t know how to blow out water lines with an air compressor, you should start learning to protect your water supply.

An image of a Husqvarna chainsaw on top of a chopped tree

What Is the Most Powerful Husqvarna Chainsaw?

Husqvarna is a staple and reputable brand in the logging industry. Hence, it’s no wonder why it has one of the most powerful chainsaws in the world. What is the most powerful Husqvarna chainsaw? Let’s find out.

An image of a silver air compressor

Best Air Compressor Filter Dryer [2023 Review]

If you want to use your compressor longer, then you want to equip it with a filter dryer. A filter dryer helps filter out moisture that could potentially build rust inside your compressor. If you want to know the best air compressor filter dryer right now, take a look at this list.

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What Drill Bit To Use?

What Size Drill Bit for a #8 Screw

Finding out the right drill bit size for drilling a precise hole is no easy task. For different applications, you may need different drill bit sizes. Since this is not an activity performed regularly, you may find it challenging to figure out what size drill bit for #8 screws.

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An image of drill bit set
Three different types of drill bit

What Size Drill Bit for a 1/4″ Tap

What size drill bit for ¼” tap is the right choice? A #7 drill bit works for most projects, but this can vary based on other factors. For example, various ¼” taps have different requirements depending on their thread count.

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What Size Drill Bit for a #12 Screw?

#12 screws are a normal sized screw, so it’s not uncommon to have them in your toolkit. Curious about the best drill bit size to use on a #12 screw? Read on to find out, along with tips for using this sized drill bit.

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Drill bits covered in saw dust and stored on its container
Drill with a drill bit attachment

What Size Drill Bit for a 6-32 Tap?

6-32 taps are generally used for cutting new threads or cleaning up damaged threads. If you’re here, you’re probably looking for what size drill bit for a 6-32 tap. It’s important to use the right drill bit size to correct the fit and function.

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What Size Drill Bit for a 3/8″ Tap

Finding information about which drill bit you need can be a challenge. But if you need to know what size drill bit you need for a ⅜” NPT tap, then you’re in the right place. We’ll answer this question shortly.

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Drill, hammer, measuring tape and other tools laid neatly on a wooden table
Man using a drill to fasten a screw in a wooden panel

What Size Drill Bit for 1/16” NPT Tap?

The 1/16” NPT tap is a common tap mainly used for general machine tapping or CNC tapping. 1/16” NPT taps are generally made of steel. They are one of the smallest pipe taps you can use. If you want to know what size drill bit for a 1/16” NPT tap is, read further.

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