What Size Drill Bit for a 6-32 Tap?

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6-32 taps are generally used for cutting new threads or cleaning up damaged threads. If you’re here, you’re probably looking for what size drill bit for a 6-32 tap. It’s important to use the right drill bit size to correct the fit and function.

What Size Drill Bit for a 6-32 Tap?

A 6-32 tap would need a size drill bit of 36 or can even use a 35. It’s roughly around 7/64 inches. This equates to 0.1100 inches in decimals. The 6-32 tap is part of the NC thread, just like the 5/16-18 tap. NC stands for National Course or known also as NC or UNC (Unified National Coarse).

UNC or NC is commonly used in the United States and Canada and is used as means to classify threads. Don’t mistake 6-32 taps for the 3” NPT taps with drill bits of 3-¼”, which are entirely different types.

Tips for Using Large Drill Bits

Avoid Wearing Loose Clothing

One thing that you must absolutely avoid is wearing baggy or loose clothing when drilling. Remember, you are using large drill bits, so the chance of your clothing getting tangled with the drill is higher than using a small drill bit.

You want to avoid wearing anything loose or anything that can potentially entangle with the drill that will cause an accident. This also applies to your hair if you have a long one. Make sure it’s tied up and kept neatly, or use a hair net.

Wear tight clothing or better protective clothing for drilling. Also, avoid wearing jewelry while drilling.

X Marks the Spot

When you’re drilling a pilot hole, it’s recommended to tape an X over the spot. You can use painter’s tape to mark it. The tape helps reinforce the wood or other surface to prevent cracking.

Cracking often happens with large drill bits since I’m handling big drilling projects. Reinforcing the surface isn’t bad when drilling since you don’t want cracks forming within your workpiece.

Aside from reinforcing with tape, you can also avoid cracking by drilling at the right depth. Drilling too much may cause cracking, so you must measure how deep you are drilling.

Monitor Your Progress When Drilling

As you are drilling, check your work to see if there are any adjustments you need to do. If there are lugs or jams, remove it and clean them up. You can use the bit to clear the hole from debris.

Make it a habit to pull out the drill bit every now and then and blow it off. This is important when you are drilling wood. Any flakes or chips of wood can get stuck in the bit.

The flakes and chips can make your drill bit heat up faster. This may be unnoticed by you. When your drill bit gets hot, it will function effectively less.


The 6-32 tap is used for cutting or cleaning threads in a previously tapped hole. They are good at it since it has so many tapered threads to guide it through the hole. Make sure you use the right drill bit size, which is 11/64 inches, to work properly and last long when applied.