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Learn how to use an air compressor and which one you need for your specific job situation.

How to Drain an Air Compressor

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Air compressors generally have some sort of drain valve. Therefore, it has some sort of maintenance for draining liquid. If you want to keep your compressor longer, you should know how to drain a compressor so you remove chemicals that could stick in your compressor for a long time. How to Drain an Air Compressor … Read more

Is SCFM Higher Than CFM?

Makita Quiet Series air compressor

If you’ve recently been tinkering with an air compressor, you might have encountered new terminologies. The commonly used ones are SCFM and CFM which are ratings. You’re probably wondering is SCFM higher than CFM and how people came up with the rating. Is SCFM Higher Than CFM? SCFM is a higher rating compared to CFM. … Read more

How to Wire a Pressure Switch on an Air Compressor

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An air compressor can inflate and deflate items such as an air mattress and fill beach toys and bike tires! It’s also great for a number of professions, including mechanics and plumbers! If it suddenly malfunctions and you have to swing into action, here’s how to wire a pressure switch on an air compressor like … Read more

Best Compressor for Roofing [2023 Review]

Air compressor

Any experienced handyman or contractor knows that the best compressor for roofing is an absolute necessity for any roofing project. This is because it allows you to quickly and easily install nails into the roofing material. We made this guide to help you find the best options for your needs. Our Top Roofing Air Compressor … Read more

How Does an Air Compressor Pressure Switch Work?

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The air compressor switch is a mechanical pressure-actuated electrical switch that depends on pressure to govern the parameters of an air compressor. To better understand how your air compressor works, it is necessary to understand the functionality of the compressor switch. So, how does an air compressor switch work? How Does an Air Compressor Pressure … Read more

Gas vs Electric Air Compressor

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Say you need an air compressor; the logical step would be to research available air compressors. However, you may encounter a massive amount of information with most articles using buzzwords such as gas and electric compressors. In this article, we seek to inform you of the characteristics of gas vs electric air compressor. We hope … Read more

Best Air Compressor for Spray Painting

Best air compressor for spray painting

If you want to spray paint your car, large fence, pavement, or even your wall, you will need an air compressor that will make your work easier and more fun. Without an air compressor, you will not spray paint accurately, and to achieve accurate painting, you need the best air compressor for spray painting. Our … Read more

Air Compressor Oil vs Motor Oil

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Air compressors and motor oils are quite different from each other, and the production process of each is unique. When you have air compressor oil vs motor oil which option would be best for your air compressor? Can you use them interchangeably? Air Compressor Oil vs Motor Oil General Overview A thorough understanding of these … Read more