Air Compressor

Learn how to use an air compressor and which one you need for your specific job situation.

How to Adjust Pressure Regulator on Air Compressor

A dirty and rustic gauge with yellow wires on a black tank

Most people often find adjusting an air compressor pressure regulator quite confusing, starting from what it is and how to go about adjusting the pressure regulator. The process of adjusting the pressure regulator on an air compressor is not as tricky as most people make it out to be. This article will guide you on … Read more

Can I Use Motor Oil in My Air Compressor?

Five red bottles of Motorcraft Synthetic Blend motor oil beside a white oil filter on top of a white paper placed on the asphalt

Can I use motor oil in my air compressor? Motor oils for autos contain a detergent that helps engines burn fuel more efficiently. Lubrication is required for air compressor motors in order for them to perform properly and efficiently. This mainly aids in minimizing friction between the motor’s various components, resulting in less heat output, … Read more

How Many Amps Does an Air Compressor Draw?

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Knowing how much power your compressor draws is essential to learning how to use it properly and safely. It will also help you identify power problems in your compressor. That’s why you should know how many amps a compressor draw. How Many Amps Does an Air Compressor Draw? It depends on the model of the … Read more

How to Measure the CFM of an Air Compressor

A close-up image of a manometer that is use to measure CFM of an air compressor

CFM is a common term when dealing with an air compressor. It stands for cubic feet per minute. It tells you how much volume of air your compressor can blow in a minute. Learning how to measure the CFM of an air compressor will let you know what applications you can use the compressor for. … Read more

Can I Use 5w30 Oil in My Air Compressor?

Air compressor

I know there are circumstances where you need to change the oil of your compressor, and somehow, there is no more oil left except that 5w30. However, you should be wary of what oil you choose to pour into your compressor. You should ask yourself, can I use 5w30 in my air compressor without any … Read more

How Does an Air Compressor Regulator Work?

Air compressor with an attached regulator

If you’re doing some projects, the performance of your compressor largely affects how good it will be. Hence, you need to ensure you get the right amount of pressure upon using. That’s where the air compressor regulator comes in. How does an air compressor regulator work, and how does it help you? How Does an … Read more

What Staple Size to Use for Insulation?

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Stapling home insulations is a regular thing if you want it secured and in place for a long time. If you want to staple your insulations, you should know what the size of staples for insulation to do it properly is. What Is the Size of Staples for Insulation? The size of staples for insulations … Read more

How to Change Air Compressor Oil

An image of different motor oil that you can use when you change your air compressor oil

Much like most tools, air compressors also need oil to function properly. Some oil compressors may have different ways of changing oil. However, the basic way of changing oil should apply to most air compressors. Here’s how to change air compressor oil so it can work effectively. How to Change Air Compressor Oil Changing the … Read more

How to Quiet an Oilless Air Compressor

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If you have used an oilless air compressor, chances are it runs really loud. You’re probably here to know how to quiet an oilless air compressor and what you can do to keep the noise to a minimum. How to Quiet an Oilless Air Compressor Air compressors need a lot of power, and that’s why … Read more

How to Drain an Air Compressor

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Air compressors generally have some sort of drain valve. Therefore, it has some sort of maintenance for draining liquid. If you want to keep your compressor longer, you should know how to drain a compressor so you remove chemicals that could stick in your compressor for a long time. How to Drain an Air Compressor … Read more

Is SCFM Higher Than CFM?

Makita Quiet Series air compressor

If you’ve recently been tinkering with an air compressor, you might have encountered new terminologies. The commonly used ones are SCFM and CFM which are ratings. You’re probably wondering is SCFM higher than CFM and how people came up with the rating. Is SCFM Higher Than CFM? SCFM is a higher rating compared to CFM. … Read more

How to Wire a Pressure Switch on an Air Compressor

Kittory air compressor

An air compressor can inflate and deflate items such as an air mattress and fill beach toys and bike tires! It’s also great for a number of professions, including mechanics and plumbers! If it suddenly malfunctions and you have to swing into action, here’s how to wire a pressure switch on an air compressor like … Read more