Why Does My Drill Bit Fall Out?

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You’re in the middle of drilling and suddenly your bit just falls out. It’s an annoying thing that can happen from time to time. The longer you ignore it, the more annoying it can get. That’s why you should know the reason why your drill bit keeps falling out.

Why Does My Drill Bit Fall Out?

Your drill bit falls out because it might be loose or the chuck is loose itself. Whenever the bit or chuck is loose, it won’t lock properly causing the bit to fall out. A simple tightening of the lock could fix this problem.

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However, if it does not work out for you, you will have to use other solutions. The most common one would be to just replace the chuck or even the drill itself. If your drill is new, you might consider using the warranty.

There may also be another reason your bit falls out when drilling. We’ll explore the most common ones and provide a solution for them.

Worn Out Chuck

Another reason your bit is falling out is the chuck could be worn out. This usually happens when you have an old drill or a low-quality drill. You can just replace the chuck and you should be fine if you have a great drill.

You should also consider if getting a better drill or just replacing the chuck is the better option. Hence, it’s best to do your market research and see which deals are best for you. You should also learn how to replace the chuck on your own.

Dirty Chuck

Sometimes dirt can stick to the chuck and it won’t grip the bit properly causing the bit to fall out. You can easily check your chuck and see if it has visible dust or dirt.

You can use compressed air to blow away the clogged-up dirt or you can also use a clean cloth to wipe the chuck. We’ll provide further details on how you can clean the chuck as you read further.

Faulty or Wrong Bit

Sometimes you’re just using the wrong bit. It may have some faults like it’s bent or has some jagged spots. It could also be that the bit you’re using is incompatible with the drill hence it’s falling out.

You can easily remedy this by getting the right bit or replacing faulty bits with new ones. You can’t really repair a faulty bit as it might also compromise your drill so replacing it with a new one is the best option.

How to Keep Drill Bits From Falling Out

If I’m dealing with a cordless drill, this is how you can keep the drill bit from falling out. However, do remember that this only applies if the bit or chuck is loose and not for the other reasons your bit is falling out.

  1. Insert the drill bit into the drill chuck.
  2. After inserting, tighten the bit to the chuck. The way you do it depends on the model of the drill. You should hear a click several times signaling that the bit is in place.
  3. Rotate the chuck the opposite way you tightened the bit. Keep rotating until you hear one click which means it’s locked in place.
  4. The bit should be locked securely and there should be no falling out. If there is, then the problem might not be related to the bit is secured tightly.

Make sure to check with the manual first before doing the steps above. Some drills might have an entirely different setup and the approach would be different.

A close-up of a drill bit attached to a drill used in drilling wood

Cleaning the Chuck to Prevent Falling Out

I haven’t expounded on how the chuck should be cleaned thoroughly to prevent falling out. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can clean out your chuck to remove clogged dirt and dust.

  1. Remove the bit from the chuck.
  2. Add a few drops of oil lubricant onto the chuck. Make sure it is spread evenly. You can do this by opening and closing the jaws of the chuck several times until the lubricant is spread. Don’t use too much oil.
  3. You can also remove excess lubricant with a soft cloth and dab the chuck. Putting too much oil can cause your bit to fall out.
  4. Place back the bit and tighten it. Use it for a few minutes to check if the bit still falls out.

This is how it’s done with most chucks. Some types of chucks may have a different approach to this.

Related Questions

How Do You Keep a Drill Bit From Coming Loose?

You just have to tighten the chuck as much as possible. Make sure the bit is secured in the chuck. If it’s still loose then your chuck might need some replacing.

What Happens if a Drill Bit Won’t Fit in a Drill?

It will fall out. Hence, you use a bit that will fit in the drill you’re using like the right drill bit for a #3 Screw. Make sure you check the compatibility of the drill and bit before drilling.


Make sure you know why your drill bit fall out so you can use the right solution. I’ve already shared the common reasons this happens and you should be able to identify the reason your bit falls out.