What Drill Bit to Use for Brick?

A cordless drill drilling a brick

As a homeowner, I have cracked bricks and injured my wrist from using the wrong drill bit. Trying to drill into a brick with a standard twist bit leads to chipped bricks and a damaged drill. That is a problem faced by all do-it-yourself enthusiasts and homeowners. So, what drill bit to use for brick? … Read more

What Drill Bit to Use on Stainless Steel

Drilling can cause heat. If you don’t use the correct bit, it will be faster for stainless steel to harden due to heat, making it much harder to finish drilling. After years of experience as a metalworker, I’ve found the best drill bit types, lengths, and flute designs for stainless steel. Whether you are a … Read more

What Drill Bit to Use on Tiles

When I first started doing DIY home improvements, I struggled with drilling into a tile. Trying to drill into a tile with a standard bit leads to disappointment, resulting in cracked tiles, damaged walls, and worn drill bits. After years of research and trials, I’ve discovered the right bits for drilling into various types of … Read more

Best Air Compressor for Heavy Duty Trucks [2024 Review]

A green air compressor with an orange hose was placed on a gray floor

Finding the right heavy-duty truck compressor of air can be a challenge for many drivers. With so many options on the market, it is not easy to know which model will provide the power and reliability your vehicle needs. Selecting the wrong air compressor can lead to costly breakdowns. After many years working in truck … Read more

What Drill Bit to Use for a Wall Plug

A wall with two holes intended for electricity plugs with some installed wirings and drawings with measurements

For most homeowners like me, figuring out the right drill bit for a wall plug is a struggle. I know how frustrating it can be to try and mount a cabinet on a wall, only to discover you do not have the right bit.  With years of experience doing household repairs, I have learned which … Read more

What Drill Bit to Use for Concrete

As a contractor with years of experience, I know firsthand how the wrong bit can damage walls or floors, costing you time and money. Whether doing a DIY project or a contractor job, this article will explain the best bits for concrete drilling so you can work efficiently without problems. I will also share tips … Read more

Why Is My Drill Bit Slipping?

A man drilling a hinge on a door

As DIY enthusiasts and professionals have likely experienced, nothing seems more challenging and frustrating than wrestling with an uncooperative bit of drilling. As someone who has worked with power tools for many years, I have encountered drill bits slipping into nearly every material. Unfortunately, this can cause accidents and prevent you from finishing your drilling … Read more

How to Cut a Metal Rod Without a Saw

Most homeowners without access to hacksaws or other saws may find cutting metal rods difficult. I have faced this dilemma many times for metalwork and home improvement projects. Without the right tools, cutting metal precisely and safely is hard. Here, I will share with you the best and safest methods I have discovered over the … Read more

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How to Cut Wood Without a Saw or Drill

Whether you are a homeowner working on projects or a crafter looking to cut patterns out of wood, not having access to a saw and a drill can bring your progress to a screeching halt. I have been there many times myself. So, how to cut wood without a saw or drill? As a long-time … Read more

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How to Cut an MDF Board Without a Saw

A squared cut medium-density fiberboard

For some DIY enthusiasts, power saws can be too overwhelming to use. If not used properly, it can easily break medium-density fiberboard (MDF), causing you to waste the material.  Here, I will share some tricks I have learned over the years on how to cut an MDF board without a saw. Using simple hand tools, … Read more

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What Drill Bit to Use for Metal

I have drilled everything from steel to cast iron over the years. As a longtime metalworker, I know the pain of using the wrong drill bit on metal. Using the wrong bit leads to slow progress and broken bits. Here, I will share my expertise on choosing the right bit for metal, whether you are … Read more

What Is An Air Dryer Compressor?

A gray coated air dryer compressor in a white background

What is an air dryer compressor? This is a common question I receive from those seeking my expert assistance in home improvement projects. Compressors won’t be able to remove water vapor and other contaminants without quality dryers, resulting in dirty air that could damage the machine. For this reason, I’m going to explain what an … Read more