What Size Drill Bit for a Ring Doorbell?

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It’s important to know what size drill bit ring the doorbell should have or you might end up installing it correctly. In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know to drill bits and ring doorbells.

What Size Drill Bit Do You Need for a Ring Doorbell?

You need a 15/64” drill bit to install a ring doorbell. You want your drill bit to be masonry if you’re installing on hard surfaces like bricks and metal. This sizing is standard for most Ring Doorbells.

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Some door ringers even come with the drill bit itself so you won’t have to worry about finding the right size. All in all, you must use the right size drill bit to ring the doorbell.

Otherwise, the screws or mounting bracket you insert may not fit or is too loose in your installation. This could lead to the ineffectiveness of the buzzer.

What Is a Masonry Drill Bit?

Masonry drill bits are made for drilling holes into tough materials. They’re mainly used for materials like blocks, stones, bricks, and concrete. Hence, they’re suitable for door knocker installation which usually happens on this type of surface.

When drilling, you must use the correct type of bit and know how to use it also. Masonry bits make it easier for you to install a ring doorbell. So you should always go for those.

No matter what size bit you’re going to use, you’re going to have a hard time installing a ringer if you don’t use the right type of bit. Make sure you plan everything beforehand.

How to Use Masonry Drill Bit for Ring Doorbell

I’ve established the use of masonry bits and how relevant they are for installing ring buzzers. It’s now about how to use them properly during the process. There are some really good quality masonry drills that you can check out, which are easier to use, and drill bits can last very long.

Masonry bits are generally used with a power drill because it would take considerable energy and effort to use them with a hand drill. The majority will use a hammer drill that does the hammering as you drill. Be careful, as drilling for too long can cause drill bits to extreme heat and you can shatter your bits because of the hammering.

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Other Things You Need for Ring Doorbell

Aside from the bit, you also need some other tools for installing the ringer. Below are some alternatives or other devices you use for installing a doorbell ringer:

  • Screwdriver
  • Power drill
  • T6 screws (usually 4 of them for mounting)

This usually comes bundled together when you get an installation kit for a doorbell ringer. Oftentimes, they also use a different size bit depending on the doorbell.

Therefore, you sometimes don’t have to follow the information here if you’re using a different size bit. Refer to the manual or installation instruction that comes with your doorbell ringer installation kit first.

How Does a Ring Doorbell Work?

A ring doorbell is a doorbell. It notifies you if someone is in front of your house by them ringing it. However, a ring doorbell is different. It contains a motion sensor that generally detects motion up to 30 feet away from it.

It’s really helpful for alerting you if there are people outside of your home who are either guests or potential home invaders. Its camera activates upon sensing motion, recording the vicinity, and saving the data.

Ring doorbells also have a two-way microphone allowing you to communicate. This is helpful for giving instructions to delivery drivers or for people who don’t know you’re out. Do take note that the ring doorbell requires the internet and a smartphone to work effectively.

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Features of a Ring Doorbell

Depending on your configuration, your doorbell can have a lot of useful features that you can take advantage of.

  • Connect with doorbell chime – you can connect your ring doorbell so it will also ring in your home to notify you when there are people outside.
  • Wireless connectivity – most ring doorbells operate wirelessly. Some may use power cables, while others use battery-powered cameras and even have solar charging mounts.
  • Night vision – all cameras from ring doorbells have a night vision feature to record clearly at night.

Related Questions

Should My Ring Doorbell Come With a Drill Bit?

It depends on the model. Most ringer kits have drill bits, especially high-quality ones. Make sure to check the product description before buying if you want to have bits in your ringer.

What Size Drill Bit for Ring Doorbell Pro 2?

The size drill bit you need to ring doorbell pro 2 is a ¼” or 6mm masonry bit. Make sure you refer to its installation guide that may be included in the kit or the manufacturer’s website. 


Now that you know the drill bit size for ring doorbell and installing it, you should be able to do it without encountering many problems. Remember to refer to the model because some may need to follow the general bit size.