What Kind of Rag to Use for Staining?

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For perfect staining, many people asked the same question: what is the best tool for staining? And the woodworker will answer that a rag is the best tool for staining, whether you are using an oil or water stain.

What Kind of Rag to Use for Staining?

Why is a rag the best tool? The answer to this question is simple: it is an efficient and low-cost component that cleans your wood stain accurately and quickly without worrying about blotching.

In the below article, I have discussed some common types of rags for staining. On the other hand, features of the cloth you would be needing and how to use a rag for staining.

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Rag Materials to Consider

As I have already discussed, a rag is one of the best tools you will need for staining your wood furniture. Accept for using cloth; you can use other tools like brushes, paint pads, rollers, or spray guns.

So how does using mops become the best tool? Other tools such as brush and roller are the slowest easy to stain wood also you will face problems like blotching. If you are using a brush, be less messy still it doesn’t provide perfection. Therefore, a rag will get the job done quickly and effectively to wipe excess dirt from wood.

For staining purposes, you do not require to use all the rags. Therefore, we have recommended some best rags you would prefer. As rags come in different materials, therefore each material will provide a diverse quality of rags.

  1. Old White Polo: First of all, there is a cloth made of embedded white polo shirts. The recovered white polo shirt is white, and the t-shirt prevents color bleeding. White stains wood with T-shirts and is a cost-effective solution for landlords. Reduce costs due to the quality of the fabric material that does not bleed. As a result, the shift can be used multiple times for dyeing wood.
  2. Amber Nittoragu: Amber Nittoragu is a consistent recycled fabric that provides excellent absorbency. It comes in larger size compared to the regenerated white Pororagu. But the rags can be cut to smaller sizes and used for multiple tasks. It is a way to save money when you do the dyeing process.
  3. New Cotton T-shirt: When choosing a preferable rag for wood stains, choose a lint-free cotton cloth. It is effective in processing large-scale lint-free cotton projects. You can also use the white color of the T-shirt to see precisely! Which color the stain application is applying.
  4. Paper and Disposable Wet Wipes: With the base and texture similar in size, paper towels are a good source for dyeing decks. Like the new surface mop, the disposable wet wipe has excellent water absorption and is a lint-free cloth. Nevertheless, disposable wet wipes are not suitable for frequent use once used. Nevertheless, rags are very popular with users because of their cost-efficiency.
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What Type of Cloth Should You Use to Stain the Wood?

Long-Lasting and Absorbent

Unlike housekeeping, deck dyeing is a tough job. Ordinary cloth in the home can not do the job. Absorbable long-lasting fabrics require that they complete the dye smoothly and without imperfections. Therefore, before choosing ragged clothes, firstly look for their longevity and permeability.

When the mop is absorbed quickly, the wood’s liquid is suitable for dyeing wood. Nevertheless,  the dirt on the wood, which is durable and water-absorbent material, is fit for each cleaning duty.

Acceptable for Multiple Purposes

Choose a cloth clothing suitable for several purposes. Not all mops are washable. As a result, I cannot use it multiple times. But should I use rags more than one time after washing?

It does not provide a clean surface, but it can save a lot of money. Perhaps that’s why these durable rags are great for commercial as well as home use.

Rag Material

Thin, pure, and cotton cheesecloth is very much suitable to use in dyeing wood. Cotton is known to be a very good material. That is why it completely covers the tree and brings beneficial results.

Moreover, there are several lint-free rags suitable for dyeing wood before-mentioned as cotton blends or microfibers.

Quality of the Rag

The cloth quality depends totally on the materials that are used when making the clothes. Thick cotton material signifies the highest quality component of mop clothing. But sometimes, a mixture of surfaces and synthetic materials also creates good products.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose excellent quality cloth clothing to ensure durability.

Rag Size

Clothes clothing size isn’t that important. Still, large-sized rags come in very handy if you buy cloth for dyeing the surface of large trees. So, when choosing rags, consider the size and reuse of the rags.

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How to Use Rag for Stain Wood?

Mottled wood with a cloth is relatively simple and quicker than smearing it using a brush. Still the mop clothes are soiled, the entire dyeing process for the mop and brushes are almost identical.

Using a mop reduces additional activity and is required after applying stains with that brush. Take a closer look at how to mop wood. Follow the steps:

Wood Sanding

  1. First, polish the dirty wood surface. Polishing smoothes wood and eliminates soil.
  2. Cleaning detritus and dust.
  3. Next, clear the surface with each stud to prevent debris from remaining.
  4. Mottle the surface of the wood.
  5. Now smear the surface of the wood with a soft cloth. Make sure it is in contact with dirt in all corners of the material surface.

Cleans Dirt

Then dry all stains on wooden surfaces. When the staining is completely dry, wipe the surface by using another unused cloth.

Allow Stain to Dry

Due to the nature of wood, it takes time for the stain to ripen. Therefore, rest for a minute so the first applied layer will dry and place totally on the surface.

Put another layer

After the first layer has dried, repeat the process of staining. To maintain the new appearance and appearance of the tree, replace the dirt in several years.


The rags used for dyeing depend on the industry and type of project. I’ve seen many customers in the same industry use different rags. So in the article, I have told you what kind of rag to use for staining, so now it’s your turn to pick the best one for your projects.

If you want to buy inexpensive cloth, no need to worry because an inexpensive rag can stain your wooden deck for almost a year and making it the right choice to go for.

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