How to Install Black Corrugated Drainage Pipe

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Today’s article will lay down the steps to install a black corrugated drainage pipe. A corrugated drainage pipe, also known as a sewer pipe, is mainly manufactured out of a PVC material for durability. In drain pipes, you place it beneath your septic tank with gravel in an underground hole dug up to place it.

How to Install a Black Corrugated Drainage Pipe

Essentially, these pipes need to be heavy-duty to contain and allow the flow of septic material within the pipes. However, you need to be extremely accurate when installing these since the alignment matters!

You will need to install black corrugated drainage pipe with a couple of tools. I recommend using a backhoe, some Gravel, PVC self-priming glue, some Geotextile fabric, and a laser level.

An image showing how to install black corrugated drainage pipe with laser level

When you have all your tools on hand, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Your first step is to dig out the soil to make a trench according to the plan you are using. You need to make sure that the waste material and water are equally distributed all over so, use a backhoe to dig the trench and make it level accurately.
  2. Next, you will add at least 8 inches of gravel at the trench’s bottom. Your corrugated pipe might have some tiny holes in it. Make sure the gravel is larger than these.
  3. After this, you will place the black corrugated pipe atop the gravel and ensure the corrugated part is mostly facing down. Then connect the pieces using the PVC self-priming glue.
  4. Now, this is where you’ll need the level! Place it on the PVC and adjust the pipe by pushing the corrugated parts of the pipe in the gravel until your bubble appears in the center of the level. In any area where the pipe is too low, add gravel to raise it.
  5. You may also glue the corrugated pipe’s ends to the un-corrugated PVC pipe that is already present.
  6. Then you can add about 6 to 8 inches of gravel atop the pipe.
  7. Your final step is to place one later of the geotextile fabric on top of the gravel. It ensures that no soil penetrates the gravel area. The geotextile fabric is also inconspicuous so that it won’t look different from the ground. Finally, fill the trench up with soil.

And that’s it! That’s all you need to do to successfully know how to install a black corrugated drainage pipe with a laser level.

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