How to Install Prepasted Wallpaper Border

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If you prefer working with decorative options that are quicker, easy to attach and remove, then prepasted wallpaper borders might be perfect for you. These come ready to be pasted with an adhesive at the back. And essentially, all you need to do is attach it!

This article will let us know how to install a prepasted wallpaper border.

How to Install Prepasted Wallpaper Border

Installing pre-pasted wallpaper border is not hard, but there are a couple of key steps to ensure your end product is accurate.

A person showing how to install prepasted wallpaper border
  1. You need to make sure your wall is ready. Sandpaper it to smoothen it and add some wallpaper primer-sealer where the border will go.
  2. Use a level, pencil, and measure tape to see where the top and bottom of the border will be for accuracy.
  3. Make sure you measure the walls and the corners included. Then, you can cut the border based on the measurements you took on the wall and leave an inch or two on each strip.
  4. Add warm water to a tray and place the border strip in this to soak. Make sure the adhesive is facing up. It will soak as long as the border manufacturer states.
  5. Pull the border out of the water and fold it with the pattern on the outer side. You need to activate the adhesive so fold the adhesive sides together. The paper will also get bigger, and you need to wait for the manufacturer specified times.
  6. Then you can unfold the papers and attach them to the mark you added earlier on the wall. Using a level might help with accuracy.
  7. For the next step, you need a brush to attach the wallpaper border to the wall. Attaching and smoothing out the border will be a low process; however, do it slowly; otherwise, it can get messy.
  8. When you get to the corner, you will wrap the additional inches over the corner. Continue smoothening out the border and if there is excess, add it on the next wall. If there is any excess protruding, cut it off with a small knife.
  9. After this, you move onto the next border strip and go through the same steps again. A good tip is to match the stripe pattern already applied, so you are attaching it accurately. You might have to trim it a little for precision.
  10. Your final step is to attach the border all over the walls that are left. Slowly, and steadily! With a damp sponge, you can remove any excess adhesive or moisture from the walls to ensure they dry quicker.
A person installing prepasted wallpaper border


With this, you have now successfully installed prepasted borders all over your walls!

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